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19 Jan 2016 - 6 Feb 2016 CONVIVIUM - Gage Gallery 2031 Oak Bay Ave. Category: Show/Exhibit

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"Vibrant canvases engage the viewer" by ROBERT AMOS On Art http://www.timescolonist

Solo Exhibition, CONVIVIUM, will feature a collection of works painted in the last year by artist Shelby Assenehimer. Shelby's abstracted scenes, of the transitioning seasons that impose their whims upon the accepting landscape, conjure messages of our relationship with each other and the world around us.

Convivium, was a Latin word meaning, with vitality, and eventually came to mean a festive banquet in the Roman days. A word now adopted by the slow food movement, Shelby draws the parallel that Art, too, can be a powerful catalyst to bring a social group together inviting the participants to partake according to their tastes; to contemplate, evaluate and savour.

Through ART one can explore the imagination and sense the world through another lens; all the while taking the artist's work to a new dimension by adding a new layer of perspective.

ART is "food for thought"! Try it--it will make you grow!