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Shelby Assenheimer BIO & CV


Shelby Assenheimer’s talents were recognized by the Vancouver School of Art in 1969, but acceptance for enrolment was one that she would decline. Challenges were seen as fertile ground for creativity and she used her innovative approach to develop her Vancouver interior design business during the 1990’s. Although, self-taught, she successfully served a clientele including Metro Town’s Coffee House, Vancouver’s Keg Caesar, Cookies by George, Troll’s and Fleming Graphics.

Born and raised on the West Coast, Assenheimer has also lived for short durations in the Okanagan, Alberta and Ontario. In 2001, Assenheimer began studies at Ontario’s Dundas Valley School of Art to bolster the years of observation and desire to make visual interpretations on canvas. When Assenheimer eventually settled in Victoria she attended Vancouver Island Art School where she completed the “Certificate Program” in March of 2017.

The perpetual cycles of life and the relationships between humankind, nature and technology inform Assenheimer’s work. This artist looks at the ephemeral qualities of life and tests the notion that knowledge from the past can inform the present and the future. These concepts are layered with imagination, memories and a painting process that used loose, broad strokes, bold colour schemes and her signature mark making. Assenheimer is widening her scope of expression and is now creating sculptural forms of concrete, steel and plexiglass.

Assenheimer has taken part in Artists Studio Tour since 2010 and continues to work with this group of artists bringing Art to her neighbourhood in the Victoria area. She has exhibited her artwork at Art Atelier 546 in Victoria and since the spring of 2014, at venues including, Inn at Laurel Point, Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa, the Victoria International Airport, Muse Winery, Cedar Hill Art Gallery. In July of 2014 Assenheimer was invited to join the Gage Gallery Arts Collective of Oak Bay and is an Active Member of the Canadian Federation of Artists. Assenheimer’s artwork is held in private art collections in London, England; Seattle, WA; Greater Vancouver and the Okanagan and Victoria areas.

Assenheimer was awarded the “Jurors Choice” at Saanich Peninsula Arts and Crafts 2015 show. Robert Amos of the Time Colonist’s, has stated about Assenheimer’s art, “….attractive work with an adept competence and “Between décor, message, abstract and representation, these confident canvases keep the viewer engaged.”



Shelby Assenheimer (b. 1951, Canada)



2015-2017, Certificate Program, Vancouver Island School of Art, Victoria, B.C.

2001- 2003, acrylics, colour and design theory, Dundas Valley School of Art, Dundas, Ontario

1990 -1998, Interior Design Projects: Tuscany Coffee House, Keg, Cookies by George, Troll’s and Fleming Graphics, Greater Vancouver, B.C.


Exhibition List

Solo Shows

2017, “To Watch II”, Gage Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2017, “To Watch”, Gage Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2016, “Convivium”, Gage Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2014-2016 Scattered Artists Studio Tour, Victoria, B.C.

2014, Moka Coffee House, Victoria, B.C.


Duo Shows

2016, “Cycles,” Langham Court”, Victoria, B.C.

2015, “Big Ones & Little Ones”, Cedar Hill Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2015 & 2014, Serious Coffee House, Victoria, B.C.

2015 & 2014, Muse Winery, Victoria, B.C.

2014, “Wood & Canvas”, Gage Gallery, Victoria, B.C.


Group Shows

2017, “One Fifty Plus”, Gage Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2016, “Red Thread”, Gage Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2016, “Staccato”, Gage Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2016, “Summer Small Works”, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, B.C.

2016, “Gage Squared”, Gage Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2016 & 2015, “TD Moss Street Paint-In”, Victoria, B.C.

2015, “Melange”, Art Atelier 546, Victoria, B.C.

2015, “Conjunction”, Gage Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2015, “In Cahoots”, Slide Room Gallery, Vancouver Island School of Art, Victoria, B.C.

2015, “Spring Show”, Saanich Peninsula Arts & Crafts, Mary Windspeare Centre, Sydney, B.C.

2015, Saanich Municipal Hall, Victoria, B.C.

2015, Brentwood Bay Resort and Spa, Victoria, B.C.

2015, Victoria International Airport Café, Victoria, B.C.

2013–2015, “Saanich Studio Tours”, Cedar Hill Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2013 & 2014, CACGV “Look Show”, Bay Centre, Victoria, B.C.

2012-2015, “Scattered Artists Studio Tour”, Artist’s Studio”, Victoria, B.C.



January 2016, Robert Amos, Times Colonist, Victoria, B.C.,

February 2015, Robert Amos, Times Colonist, Victoria, B.C.,

2015, “Jurors Choice”, Saanich Peninsula Arts & Crafts Show, Sydney, B.C.



2015, Inn at Laurel Point, Artist in Residence, Victoria, B.C.


Volunteer Work

2015-2017, curating, administration, Gage Gallery Arts Association, Victoria, B.C.

2014-2016, administration & treasurer, Scattered Artists Studio Tour, Victoria, B.C.

2015, group art show assistance, Canadian Arts Council of Greater Victoria, B.C.